Is Too Tame: Sex Dating Manual Review Is Too Tame: Sex Dating Manual Review


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Benaughty claims to be a quick and easy solution to sex dating, but this site is not particularly naughty, quick, or easy. This site should have been a cinch to get right, given the simple premise and long tenure in the sex dating site world, but it totally failed to impress.

First Impressions & Sign Up

I’d been hearing about for a while, expecting good things, but had never actually taken the time to review it until now. Given how many times I’d heard reference to this site while researching sex dating sites, I figured it would end up on the list of tops sites, but unfortunately it did not. Signup was a quick process, but as soon as I got through to the main site, I kept getting popups asking for my credit card information, which usually raises red flags pointing to scam. I realized I wasn’t actually able to use any of the site’s features for free, which was a pretty big drag. (I don’t mind membership fees, I just want to be able to at least browse the site and its members before laying down my digits.) The layout was okay and site navigation was fairly easy, but there wasn’t much to do. Also, for a site called, it was pretty tame. There were the usual explicit pics of chicks that were clearly there just to link to their webcam page, but the regular members weren’t really giving off the DTF vibe. First impressions were definitely not what I was expecting.

3-Month Review Essentials

In order to actually review this site, I needed to sign up for full paid membership, which ended up being over $35/month–WAY more than most dating site memberships, for comparably very few features. I definitely felt scammed handing over that money. I tried my hardest to make it to three months on to offer an unbiased, thorough review, but that membership fee was a big disincentive. That, coupled with the fact that I really wasn’t getting anywhere with this site, and I only lasted half-way through my second month. (Obviously, they charged me for the full second month, so I just sort of kept my profile up to test if anyone would message me–no one did.) – In 1.5 months on Benaughty, I had 5 dates, but no hookups. – I sent messages to 80 women, and received responses from only 20 of them (10 of them were just to say “not interested”). – I received 0 uninitiated messages. The women on this site were not very receptive or eager. As I said, I wasn’t getting the vibe that this was actually a hookup site, despite it’s name. Really though, who signs up for a dating site called Be Naughty, but doesn’t have any interest in being naughty…? The fact that not one woman on this site messaged me of her own accord speaks to the unimpressive atmosphere of this site.

Major Shortcomings

I’m not sure which I’d rank as the biggest shortcoming of It’s a toss up for me between the expensive membership fee that only gets you the ability to message members and little else, versus the incredibly prudish members. Though, when it comes down to it, I think the biggest failure against benaughty is the fact that it just wasn’t fun to try and hook up on this site.

Redeeming Factors

Though it annoyed me that I was paying for a site with very few features, I would also say that the simplicity of this site was partly refreshing. Often sex dating sites can get overly complex with too many features, and you get distracted by all the fun diversions instead of just focusing on hooking up. This definitely wasn’t a problem for Benaughty. Granted, this would have been more of a positive attribute, had there been more potential matches to focus on…

Final Verdict?

Don’t waste your time with It’s been around long enough that it should have the method down to a science, but it really just feels like a scam. You could spend your money elsewhere and get way more, and actually hook up. **Check Out Sites That Will Actually Get You Laid!**