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Step 6: Find The Best Sex Date App & Why You Need It

The internet really is the most effective route to successful casual sex dating, and once you’ve fully immersed yourself in this world and are comfortable with sex dating sites, there’s only one more technical aid you need to improve your sex dating game: mobile apps. This is another tip for choosing the best dating sites for sex–you want to choose ones that include a mobile app download with membership. Step 6 in our Sex Dating Manual is all about choosing the best sex date app and why it’s so necessary to your dating game.

Why You Need To Use A Sex Date App

If you only ever date online from your computer or on the mobile site, you’ll still get laid, but you will be missing out on a whole other world of convenience and opportunity. Modern singles are glued to their smartphones, always involved in dozens of other activities at the same time, thumbs muscled from countless hours of thumb-typing… If you’re not in their phone, in their mobile world, you don’t exist. Sure, you can use the mobile site, but mobile dating apps are designed to streamline the process and provide quick and easy service. So what you really want is to be on at least one good sex date app. There aren’t too many crappy sex dating apps out there, as usually it’s just a matter of sites not offering them. As well, usually the best sex date app is good because the site providing the app is good. That’s why step # 4 is so important. Still, there can be some great sex dating sites that offer utter crap for your cell phone. The sites we’ve reviewed and ranked highly were also assessed for their mobile dating function, and were all found to have excellent apps. Read on to find out the best app for you.

How To Choose The Best Sex Date App

best-sex-date-app When choosing a sex date app, usually you’ll be choosing between apps offered by the sites you’re already using. If you aren’t using a sex dating site yet, and you want to skip straight to the best sex date app to use instead, we’ll tell you what you should be looking for (though we don’t recommend using an app without developing your profile online first).


The first thing you want to look for in your sex date app is simplicity. You should really only be using the app for easy messaging and locating your matches. You generally don’t want or need the app to offer full use of the site–you could just use the mobile site instead. The only purpose of the sex date app is to connect with immediacy, without any bells and whistles to distract you from your original intention. If the app is difficult to navigate, if it reproduces the same look as the main site, and has more than a browse and message function, it’s too complicated. Sure, you could continue using it, but you won’t really be getting the advantage of the sex date app (easy, quick connection to people looking for hookups in that moment).


Whatever sex date app you choose to go with should be compatible with all smart phone systems. If it works great on your Android, but gets glitchy on your friend’s iPhone, that’s not good. Sure it works for you, but think of all the hotties you could be connecting with that can’t use the app. You don’t want your experience limited by the fact that the service providers don’t know how to code properly. This is another point for simplicity too. If the mobile app is designed simply, there’s less room for error or breakdown when it comes to technical compatibility. If you can test the app on different phones (like through friends, or if you have a work phone and personal phone), give it a try. If you hear from your matches that they can’t access the app, then you know you’re not getting the best service. At this point, with mobile technology where it is, it’s unlikely you’ll run into these problems (assuming you’re on a good sex dating site), but keep it in mind.

Quality Of Connecting Service

This is the biggest indicator that you’ve found the best sex date app: if it makes it really easy to connect with locals. Back to the earlier point about simplicity, the only features you really want in your app are messaging and convenient browsing. Usually this translates to a GPS locator for members online and looking. This can be extremely useful for planning sex dates on the fly. The app identifies which members meeting your preferences are online and nearest you, so that you can send them a quick message, invite them to meet up around the corner, and be hooking up within the hour. Not only is it quick and easy for all involved, you’ll likely find you get more “yes” responses from people this way: the convenience and ease takes away a lot of the hesitation in scheduling. All your date needs to consider is whether they’re horny and attracted to you. If yes, hook up time! This is the main appeal of the sex date app, and the biggest reason for you to sign up ASAP.

Next Steps?

Now that you have all the easiest tips for finding sex dates, you’ll need to learn the next step, Step 7: How To Actually Get A Sex Date. Often it is as easy as a simple proposition to the right person at the right time, but you can improve your game even more with these tips (and it helps the newbies, too). **Find The Sites With The Best Apps!**