Why To Embrace The Casual Sex Dating Lifestyle


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Step 1: Embrace The Casual Sex Dating Lifestyle

If you made it to the Sex Dating Manual Step 1, then you’re obviously interested in the casually sexy approach to dating. Maybe you’re not yet convinced that you want to throw out the old, traditional ways of dating, with all that monogamy and lovey dovey mush. Maybe we had you at “sex.” Either way, the first step in getting into sex dating and actually securing sex hookups, is to understand the lifestyle, what it’s about, why everyone’s doing it, and why you should be too!

What Is Casual Sex Dating All About?

Is casual sex dating different from traditional dating? Most people would say yes, and maybe cite the “three date” rule of traditional dating. You know–that one requires you to endure another’s company on three separate occasions before social norms dictate it’s okay to have sex with each other. Others would say that as casual sex becomes more commonplace and socially acceptable, there is less and less of a distinction between “other” dating and “traditional” dating. The vast majority, however, still hold casual sex dating as a bit of a taboo, one that thrills and excites. What is casual sex dating all about? It’s about embracing our baser instincts and giving into easy pleasure without guilt or responsibilities (beyond safe sex). At its basics, casual sex dating is sex without the dating–an easy lifestyle of sex without expectation of much followup or anything beyond the encounter.

Why It’s The Newest And Best Thing For Modern Singles

Casual sex dating is more normal for certain singles. Those young, working professionals, without time or energy for developing a monogamous relationship, turn to casual sex dating more often than not. It’s a sweeping trend, and it’s meant to be. Because of the modern single’s busy schedule, multiple responsibilities, and a desperate need to just unwind when time allows, casual sex dating is the perfect solution to their dating woes for three very important reasons. casual-sex-convenience


Most people these days are finding casual sex and dating online because it allows complete control of when, where, who. Fortunately for all those horny singles, the internet is very well-equipped to handle this need. Combine the fact that there are so many casual sex dating options online, with the fact that casual sex encounters are often quick, available locally, and take very little time, and you’ve got the most convenient solution to modern dating! For the modern single, convenience is highly desirable. Isn’t it desirable for most of us?!


Casual sex dating is unique in its amount of choice. There are more and more people looking to embrace the casual sex dating lifestyle every day, so it’s not as though there’s a limited pool of choice. Also, your options open up immensely when the only qualifications you have to consider in a potential mate are how physically attracted you are to them. You don’t have to agonize over whether their religious beliefs or political values will clash too much with yours and what this means for your future because your future isn’t tied to theirs. Without too much to consider about what makes your match “perfect,” you’ll find a world of choice opens up in front of your eyes! And since so many people turn to the internet to solve their casual sex dating dilemmas, casual sex dating online offers the most dating choice, hands down! Imagine being instantly connected to hundreds or thousands of like-minded singles in your area who are also looking for a casual sexy encounter. That’s not something you get in your everyday standard dating experience, and that’s why this lifestyle is perfect for the modern single who always wants more pleasure, fewer complications, and more choice.

Stress Relief

Today’s modern single has numerous responsibilities and time restraints. There’s always something going on and always something more required, and modern singles need a bit of relief from the stress of it all. The answer? Casual sex dating! Study after study has shown the positive effects of uninhibited sex, including cardiovascular health benefits and stress relief. When all you have are a few free hours a night to relieve the stress of the day, what better way to unwind than with a steamy, sexy casual sex hookup? If the choice is between a jog around the block and sex with a hot stranger, which are you going to pick?

Why Do You Want A Casual Sex Dating Lifestyle?

embracing-casual-sex-hookups Are you used to having dates every night, each with a different person, or being able to choose your date from hundreds of attractive and available singles? Are you used to having sex when you want it without having to call afterward, without having to go on multiple dates before the main event? If you are, congratulations; you’re already living the casual sex lifestyle! If you’re not, there’s no reason why you can’t be. Does this sound like the kind of lifestyle you want? Most people would answer yes, but not pursue their desires because they believe it’s not really possible. Through our sex dating manual, we show you it is possible, AND attainable. The first step, as we’ve said, is embracing the casual sex dating lifestyle. Understand what the goals are, what the benefits are, and who you can meet. Some people may feel like they shouldn’t want easy, no strings attached sex. There’s a taboo around uninhibited pursuit of one’s desires… but there’s no reason for it. Casual sex dating is healthy, popular, and easy. If the whole world could do it (at least for a time), they probably would! The first step in getting the sex life you want, is embracing the casual sex dating lifestyle, and anticipating the wild and exhilarating ride you’re in for. If you gotten through this step, make sure you check out Step 2: Define Your Boundaries: How Local Is Your Local Sex Dating? **Get Into The Casual Sex Dating Lifestyle With These Top Dating Sites**