CitySex Review: Disappointing Local Sex Dating Site

citysex-scam Greatly Disappoints As A Local Sex Dating Site: Sex Dating Manual Review

I recently reviewed, local sex dating site, so you wouldn’t have to. Should you be excited? Nope. Read on to see why is a total scam, or just move on to something better.

First Impressions & Sign Up attempts to take ownership for local sex dating with their focus on hooking up in your city, but honestly, first impressions didn’t really ring true in this respect. It looks like any other adult dating site, tossed together with some “specific niche” angle tacked on to make it seem different. Did I start my review biased? I tried not to… but as soon as you get to the sign up page, the graphics, layout, and content really fail to impress. Sign up was annoying. The second page after you enter your email, birthday, username, etc., simply refused to load for my first half dozen attempts. I closed the window, cleared my browsing history, and tried again and then it just kept bouncing me back to the previous page, but with all of my information gone. It was pretty annoying. Finally, I tried in incognito and it worked. Not a good way to start, really.

3-Month Review Essentials

Ugh. Honestly? I did not make it to three months on That’s why it’s on the negatives list. I tried! It’s just there was nothing to do on this site except get annoyed. I live in New York City, so you’d assume I would have plenty of choice to date in my city, but you (and I) would have assumed wrong. No matter what time of day I signed in, it seemed like I’d just missed everyone. I had a few matches online at all times, but they mostly didn’t seem too into chatting… I’m not even sure many of them were real. Felt like a total scam. I lasted for a month, because I am gifted with patience. Learn from my pain: it’s not worth the annoyance of signing up. But on to the nitty gritty. – After one month of use, I had gone on ONE DATE. One! After 30 days! I have better success rates just going about my everyday offline life. In fact, during the month I was using, I picked up 5 women, uninitiated on my neglected No Strings Attached membership (I review this one as well). – I messaged as many women as I could find that looked decent/legitimate and ended up sending messages to 40 women. I got responses from 10, and they were not all friendly. – There was one woman who messaged me first, and she’s the only one I could get a date with, but she wasn’t even the type I was looking for, and we did not hook up. If you’re reading this, thanks for reaching out and sorry our date was such a disaster.

Major Shortcomings

The biggest shortcoming is definitely the fact that basically no one uses this site. Also, I would raise serious concerns about their idea of “local”… The “local matches” Citysex sent me were regularly not in my city, and a handful of times were not even in my state. I’m not sure why a dating site claiming their focus to be on finding local sex dates would fail so hard when it came to doing exactly that. That was a pretty big disappointment.

Redeeming Factors

Hmm the only credit I can give would be the fact that you can use most features of the site without having to pay for membership, but there’s not really many

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features to make that super appealing.

Final Verdict?

Don’t bother wasting any time even contemplating joining this site. It’s not worth it in the slightest. Pretty much a scam. Yes, I did pay for the full membership. I was trying to give a fair assessment and check out all aspects of the site. I would not do it again, however. Well, I wouldn’t sign up in the first place, had I known how much I would regret it. **Get On The Sex Dating Sites People Are Actually Using**