Sex Dating Manual Top Signs You’re Dating A Hipster

Top Signs You’re Dating A Hipster Dude

You thought he looked hot when you met him and you never bothered overthinking it, but now you’re starting to put the pieces together and you wonder–“Am I dating a hipster dude?” Do they look the part? Beard? Glasses? Tattoos? Did he form his attraction to you over your weirdest quirk? Check out the top signs you’re dating a hipster, girl!

Sign #1: The Look

Every modern hipster guy must be rocking some facial hair. Whether it’s a full, bushy beard down to his chest that he keeps meticulously groomed and waxed, or that perfectly ridiculous caterpillar atop his upper lip, the hipster never abides a naked face. Likely he will also sport some plastic rim glasses, whether he has poor eyesight or not. Plaid is his fave, and he wears it whenever he can, combined with his perfectly cuffed secondhand jeans. He’s likely wearing a hat, even in doors. Lastly, he must have tattoos. No ifs ands or buts.

Sign #1.1: The Grooming

This point really goes under the look, but deserves its own section. The hipster dude is very precise about his grooming. He’ll spend 30 minutes–MINIMUM–fixing his hair, even when he’s just going to the grocery store. And he uses more product than you do!

Sign #2: He’s A Music Critic, A Beer/Wine Critic, A Food Critic, A [Insert Interest Here] Critic

… And he knows everything there is to know about his chosen topic. It doesn’t matter if you went to culinary school for 4 years, he will have something to teach you about food, if that’s his area of snobpertise. Of course, the hipster’s first love is music, so every hipster needs to know all the underground music scenes, have heard all the songs before they are released and have formed a clear opinion on them.

Sign #3: His Conveniently Timed Ethics

He makes a fuss about buying local and organic, but gets takeout in styrofoam containers on the regular and shops at Walmart and McDonald’s. He’s aware of the issues of the world, and he cares, but he’s having his smoke break right now and that’s just too much to think about. hipster-dating

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Sign #4: Selfies & Photographs!

Does he take more selfies than you do? Is he addicted to Instagram and likes to document all the “coolest” parts of his life with a well-rehearsed tone of nonchalance? … Congratulations! You’re dating a hipster! If you enjoy the flashy lifestyle, going out more than staying in, having lots of pictures to reflect back on (especially the ones of you looking good), and being appreciated for your weirdness, without ever getting too intimate, then the hipster is the perfect boyfriend for you. If you just like the look of him, but can’t tolerate more than an evening, maybe you should think of just hooking up with him and moving on.

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