5 Tips That They’re DTF With The Sex Dating Manual

5 Hints That He/She Is DTF: Sex Dating Manual Tips For Online & Offline Dating

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell whether someone you find attractive feels the same and could actually be a potential hookup partner. Really, you only know by asking, but before you put yourself out there, know the signs that point to DTF.

#1. Context: Where Are You Encountering Them?

Your first hint happens to be the easiest to assess if you’re an online dater. If you’re meeting them on a dating site, then you know at least they are interested in romance and possibly sex (though this doesn’t tell you if they are currently up for it or if they’re into you at all). If you’re meeting them offline, this is trickier. Just because they’re in a bar or club, doesn’t mean they have any current dating interest–they could be there with friends or colleagues, into the music at the club, or just wanting a drink. If you meet them on public transit or at a grocery store, assume they aren’t looking for a hookup until they prove otherwise.

#2. Receptiveness: How Do They Respond To You?

Go ahead and approach them with something friendly and casual. Don’t proposition them yet! Assess their response to you to tell you if they’re feeling you. If they seem pleased that you’ve engaged them (if face-to-face, they should smile and angle their body toward you), if they offer a response to forward the conversation, this shows that they are receptive to you.

#3. Flirtation: Are They Flirting Or Just Being Polite?

If the conversation feels like it starts getting flirty, be careful not to immediately assume it is mutual. Sometimes polite conversation can feel like the person is flirting if that’s where you want the conversation to go. Check for initiated flirtation that is legitimately suggestive, not just friendly. If face-to-face, flirtation should include lingering body contact like a hand on the arm, gentle but firm touch. If you’re connecting online, winking or kissing emoticons not-so-subtly get the point across. Otherwise, suggestive compliments or questions are clues that you’re engaged in a flirtation. Flirting is a sure sign of receptivity to the idea of sex.

#4. Lingering: Do They Keep The Conversation Going?

If you’re not really talking about matters of substance, the flirtation is still going, and they continue to keep the conversation going, then they are trying to build to something. If they are being flirty and suggestive, there is no doubt that they are enjoying your engagement and are comfortable with the sexual nature of it.

#5. Dropping Hints

Finally, if without provocation they start telling you things that portray them as potentially receptive and eager for an encounter (i.e., that they are single and their roommate is out for the night or they are feeling really wild), this is your

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cue to go for it! This last hint only comes around for the truly lucky though, so if it never happens, don’t be afraid to risk a rejection. There’s only one real way to know though: they have to say YES.

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