Plan For First Date Sex With Sex Dating Manual


Step 8: How To Plan For First Date Sex (When You Don’t Want A Second Date)

When you’re sex dating, half the work of getting your date to sleep with you is already done–you’re meeting on a sex dating site, so the expectation when you get together is that you’ll be having sex. Of course, with all human interaction, sex dating has potential to get complicated and turn into something else. When you’re only looking for a one night stand, sometimes your sex date has other things in mind, and it takes precise planning to make sure you’re only getting what you want out of it, and not setting yourself up for awkwardness later. You also want to make sure your first date sex is good enough to earn you a positive reputation in the sex dating world. All it takes is one bad review thoughtlessly broadcast across the online sex dating community to ruin your game. Find out how to have the best first date sex, that’s good enough to stand alone with our Top Sex Dating Manual.

The Perfect First Date Sex

What is the perfect first date sex? Obviously, there’s no awkward moments like mixed signals or stalled action, but that’s just “good enough” first date sex. Of course, it’s necessary that all involved reach climax (the more, the better). Still, what makes it perfect is making sure it meets expectations, with a little something extra. Try and find out as much about your sex date’s preferences before you hook up (but don’t be pushy or obvious). If they haven’t told you specifically what they enjoy in bed before you meet, check out their profile and see if there are any hints. You can learn a lot about a person’s sexual preference by the way they pose in photos and how assertive they are in their messaging. If your date is very assertive and leaves little to the imagination in their photos, then you can bet they’ll want hard, fast, loud sex. Sex talk is likely a winning approach, but be cautious. Some dates, though they enjoy dirty sex talk, may have certain boundaries you don’t want to cross. Start out gently and see how they respond before you venture into the truly raunchy. If your date seems shy and needs some coaxing before getting seriously flirty, you’ll want to be more sensuous in your approach. Don’t come on too strong, try to build anticipation, and take control. This approach will surely have your date feeling safe and aroused, and hopefully result in perfect first date sex. Either way, it’s important for you to seem confident and interested. First date sex needs to feel intentional (unless it isn’t, but that is never the case with sex dating). Both parties want the same thing, so at this point, playing games will just seem childish and annoying. Don’t waste your time with over the top romantic gestures either (unless your date has explicitly expressed a desire for this). This means no cheesy seduction music, candles, or rose petals on the bed. Sure, dim the lights and put on some background music, but only to diffuse the intense focus on the two of you. You don’t need to be seducing your date with these effects; instead, you want enough distraction to ensure comfort. Set the mood right, and you’re well on your way.

Ensuring There’s No Expectations Of A Second Date/Hookup

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sex-bible So you’ve set conditions for perfect first date sex, but what if things are so good that your date can’t disconnect? This is the challenge with casual sex lifestyles: eventually, you’ll encounter someone who wants more than you’ve arranged for. It’s hard for a lot of people to disconnect sex from emotions, and when two people share an intense and satisfying encounter, it’s natural for them to not want to let go. Do your best to avoid this if it’s not what you want by being very clear about your intentions from the start. If you don’t want an ongoing casual sex relationship, don’t spend too much time communicating before your hookup. The longer you talk without hooking up, the more likely it is that one or both of you will start developing deeper feelings, and this will always make it hard to move on after sex. During the first date sex, try to avoid excessive eye contact, don’t use their name too often, and avoid immediate post-coital snuggles. A bit of eye contact is essential for arousal, but you don’t want to be staring deep into their eyes as their hormones are surging. Likewise, using their name can be totally hot, but make sure it’s in the heat of the moment, e.g., “Oh god, Sarah, that’s so hot!”… If you use their name too much, you could unintentionally be inciting a more intimate connection. Under no circumstances should you use their name while looking into their eyes. This is exceptionally intimate and will confuse the intent of the encounter. Finally, DO NOT cuddle. Cuddling after sex will bond the two of you chemically and hormonally. Avoid this complication and avoid the awkward follow-up phone call.

What If You Want More Than First Date Sex?

If you find, despite your best efforts to keep things casual, that you actually want more from your sex date, you’re in for a difficult scenario. Don’t assume just because you feel something that your date will too. The conditions of your hooking up were likely clearly casual, and you’ve broken the agreement by developing feelings. Don’t act on them immediately and try for something more. It could just be a rush of hormones clouding your judgement. Have a few more hookups and then, if you still want more, send a casual note to your date. We don’t recommend pursuing this route though, and that brings us to Step 9: Why Sex Dating & Relationships Don’t Mix. **Need A Sex Date Tonight? Check Out Our Top Sex Dating Sites And Hook Up When You Want**