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Can The Right Hairstyle Really Help You Get Laid? The Top Hottest Hairstyle Of 2015

The last few years have seen a return to glamor. The beauty standard for women AND men now involves more precision grooming than previous years this decade. This past year, the biggest point of focus for beauty was the hair. Sporting a trendy hairstyle has the effect of marking you as part of the “in-crowd” and can make you appear more attractive. Can the right hairstyle really help you get laid? If you need an instant boost in attractiveness to help you get laid, then the obvious answer is YES. In practical terms, sporting any of the following hottest hairstyle trends in your online dating profile pics can get you more messages and a higher hookup success rate. For the next year, only time will tell which are the sexiest dos, but let’s take a look at the hottest hairstyles of the last year.

For The Ladies: The Long & Loose Curls

Always a classic, the ultimate feminine look stayed a top preference for 2015. Women wearing their hair long, shining, and in loose ringlets made the babe list this year. Traditionally feminine, long hair is an easy seduction trick for the ladies. Most men go crazy for this look.

For The Gents: The Pomp

The more gel the better! The biggest hair trend for men this year was, again, the modified pompador. Volume on top, tight on the sides, and sleek as your moves. Women go crazy for this look. It’s like the sex appeal of 50’s crooners come back to life.

For The Ladies: The Ombre

The gradient-color look got crazy popular a few years before, but the trend persisted well into this year. Women love it because it makes growing out dye jobs a fashionable cinch, and guys love the down-to-earth look. You’ll look fun, trendy, approachable, and sexy sporting an ombre. ombre-sexy-hair

For The Gents: The Fade

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Shaved up the back and the sides, the fade makes a comeback from the 90’s to make the ladies swoon. This one is a bit retro, a bit punk, and a bit hipster.

For The Ladies: The Granny

This year was a weird trend in color. Young women everywhere decided to dye their hair grey and sport “the granny” look. You wouldn’t think a hairstyle with this name would be getting anyone hot, but you’d be wrong. The grey makes your look exotic and adventurous, and helped a lot of women bag a hookup.

For The Gents: The Man Bun

Long and lustrous hair was cool again for guys this year, and making women everywhere ache to comb their fingers through man manes. This look says that you’re sensuous and sensitive and will definitely get you dates.

For The Ladies & Gents: The Undercut/Side Shave

For both men and women, the side shave or undercut was still a winner this year. This look is dramatic and wild and says you’re up for anything.

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