What She Thinks About When You’re Hooking Up On The SDM

What She’s Thinking About When You’re Hooking Up

It’s the age old mystery that plagues modern man even today: what do women want? None of us know and all of us want to, just so we can finally get it right! This is especially pertinent when we’re trying to hook up. It can be a puzzle of a mystery trying to figure out just what she’s thinking and whether it’s good things about us. For every guy out there who’s agonized over this most troubling of life’s mysteries, we finally have the answers for you! If you’ve gotten her to the point of agreeing to hook up with you, chances are she’s been thinking positive things of you so far. What about in the throes of passion, though? What about then? Is she into it? Is she thinking about you or your best friend, or HER best friend? Does she mean it when she’s moaning yes? Is she about to give her best performance of When Harry Met Sally? Well, while each woman is different, and each different encounter means different thoughts, there are some general trends in terms of the thoughts that enter a woman’s mind when she’s becoming intimate. Here are some of them!

Your Body

As soon as you make physical contact, her mind is going to be all on your body, taking in your size, shape, texture, smell, strength. If she’s loving it, then her hands are going to be all over you and pulling you close.

Her Body

Next up, she’ll be thinking about her body, wondering if she’s looking, feeling, smelling good and how she can position her body to look its best. If she’s secure and confident, she’s only going to be more turned on by her feelings of sexiness. If not, she’ll likely be thinking about her own body more than anything else throughout the act.

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What You’re Doing With Your Hands

A woman who’s into you, connects with the act. She focuses on sensations and actions. She’ll be checking out everything you do with your hands and loving it or hating it. Sometimes she’s just observant and waiting to see what you’ll do next.

What You’re Doing With Your Mouth

Most women love foreplay, and petting action isn’t enough to get her fully aroused. She will be anticipating your mouth on her body and she will have some very specific preferences about this. Hopefully she will give you clues as to what these are, because she’s evaluating the encounter based on whether you satisfy these preferences. foreplay-kissing-sex-hookups

“Am I doing that right?”

Even the most confident woman will be thinking about whether or not she’s really pleasing you. If they’re really confident, sometimes they focus on how much they’re pleasing you until the moment of climax. Give her some feedback to help her guessing!

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