Which Holidays Are Best For Getting Laid? SDM Answers

Which Holidays Are Best For Getting Laid?

The holidays can be lonely when you’re single, but they can also be a perfect time to quell that loneliness and get some action. When you’re looking to pick up a date, which are the best holidays to go on the prowl? Sex Dating Manual’s got your answer!

Top Hookup Holiday: Valentine’s Day

It may surprise you to hear that Valentine’s Day is the best holiday to pick up a hookup, but it’s the truth. Valentine’s Day is the sexiest day of the year, whether you’re attached or single. If you’re looking to get a sex date, this holiday is perfect for getting people to drop their inhibitions. No one wants to be alone on this special day, and that means it takes less coaxing to get potentially interested matches actually interested. Send a message to a match(es) that has caught your eye a day or two before VDay and watch how quickly they respond. A date is pretty much a sure thing. Whether that leads to sex is up to your charm.

Runner Up: Halloween

Halloween comes in a close second to Valentine’s Day, though depending on weather and other circumstances, Halloween may be the winner for the top holiday to help you get laid. Sometimes referred to as “Slutoween,” Halloween invites women to drop their inhibitions and get their sexy on, and men to appreciate the view. Though this doesn’t create 100% likelihood of scoring, it is a lot more likely you could find some action on this holiday than on, say, a random Friday night. If you use online dating, it’s likely you can find some eager singles to give you a webcam sneak peak of their sexy costumes. halloween-hookup

Honorable Mentions

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve invites possibility and

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spontaneity. This is the holiday of new beginnings and adventurous potential. Most people are reflecting on the disappointments of the previous year and gathering up all their courage and determination to take more chances for the coming year. This creates a positive environment for hooking up. If last year wasn’t filled with a lot of sex and romance for your potential match, they’ll probably be into taking opportunities for romance and sex as they appear.

St. Patrick’s Day

Alcohol is a good social lubricant, and this holiday is marked by the mass amounts of alcohol consumption. This holiday is a tricky one for getting laid, though. You absolutely do not want to pick up drunk dates–that just leads to a whole big mess of confusion around consent that is best to avoid. If alcohol is involved, your date should be only slightly inebriated so that the nerves evaporate, but they still have all their faculties. Caution is key. St. Patrick’s Day is good for picking up simply because most people are looking for a party on this holiday. You can be that party.

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