Instagram Is Leading More People To Online Sex Dating

Instagram & Dating: Why Instagram Is Leading More People To Online Sex Dating

Could instagram be leading a resurgence in online dating? It definitely appears this way, but why is this happening? Well, firstly, let’s talk about instagram. Instagram is taking over the social media world–Facebook no longer corners the market, and this change tells us something larger about the way we now consume social media. People no longer want comprehensive sharing platforms. We’ve been reduced to instant gratification, and what’s more instantly gratifying than sexy photo sharing?! Instagram provides the perfect method of easy social engagement for people whose lives are too busy and too distracted to have meaningful connections with their social network. This also offers the perfect platform for insecure, sexy, young hotties to seek external validation, which means it’s never been easier to get free pictures of half-naked beauties. You see where I’m going with this? sexy-selfie-instagram-hookup The sexual tension on this app is sometimes palpable. You can’t browse any search feed without coming across at least a half a dozen pictures of taught booties and busts. To the singles, this is at worst a kind of cruel tease, and at best it’s just an abundance of spank bank material. It may be easy enough to date on instagram, but it doesn’t offer the same safety and fun as an actual dating site does. You can often see the awkward pickup attempts on hottie photos and it becomes immediately obvious why more people are now turning to dating online to solve their sexual frustrations.

Why Online Sex Dating Is A Better Option For Hookups

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Online dating sites are designed to connect people for dates: instagram is not. Even regular dating sites aren’t right to satisfy this desire. What people are really looking for are sex dating sites, the sites specifically designed to connect for sex with hot singles. It should be self-explanatory why you would use sex dating sites to find sex, but in case it’s not, here are a few reasons. – You can connect with people who actually want to hook up, rather than people you want to hook up with. – You can learn more about the person than what photos they share (like what they’re looking for in a date/sexual encounter). – You can connect safely and anonymously through a trusted platform without having to share your personal information with the larger public community. – Sex is always on the table for the people you encounter. Instagram has pointed to a specific need of this generation: easy casual sex with wicked hot singles. Thankfully, there are already organizations/sites providing this service! Sex dating sites are now better than ever with the increasing influx of sexually insecure and experimental. It’s like the modern day version of the 1960’s swingers, but hotter and more convenient.

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