Justhookup With Fake Profiles: Sex Dating Manual Review

Justhookup With Fake Profiles: Sex Dating Manual Review


Just Hook Up? I Wish I Could: Sex Dating Manual’s Justhookup.com Review

Justhookup.com does not earn the title of worst sex dating site on our list, but it certainly doesn’t make our list of favorites. This site has a sexy and welcoming environment until you realize all the women interested in you are scam bots set up by the site itself!

First Impressions & Sign Up

First off, what kind of incentive for joining is this: “This site includes fictitious profiles called “Fantasy Cupids” (FC) operated by the site; communications with a FC profile will not result in a physical meeting. FCs will communicate with you for promotional activities. All FC profiles and communication will be labeled with the words “Fantasy Cupid”.”? This is the message that appears on the signup page of justhookup.com, right below the join button. I suppose I should applaud their honesty, and I know most sex dating sites will employ similar strategies with promotional profiles, but there was something immediately off-putting about seeing this message right at the start… As if the site was specifically telling me it’s a scam… It really made me feel insecure about my dating chances on this site. Sure enough, as soon as I logged on I got messages from several “Fantasy Cupids” and I can’t tell you how annoying it was to get them to buzz off. To add insult to injury, I started getting paranoid about every woman I encountered on the site, and probably ended up ruining some real opportunities because I thought they were fake. Definitely this was not a good way to start off on justhookup.com.

3-Month Review Essentials


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actually made it through three months on this site, somehow. Though I encountered more fake profiles than real, I ended up turning this into entertainment, and had some fun laughing at how pathetic my situation was becoming on justhookup.com. – Miraculously, I ending up with 20 dates through justhookup.com–but during a 3-month period in which I’m actively looking for as many dates as possible, that’s not great. – I did end up in bed with several of my dates, but not even half of them… It was a lonely three months. – I messaged 150 women, and would have messaged more but it was hard to find women I hadn’t already messaged who were what I would consider “hot.” (There were lots of women I had absolutely no interest in meeting.) – I received uninitiated messages from 10 real women (3 of which led to hookups) and 50 of justhookup’s FCs… Most of the action happened in my first month of my signing up, and seemed to really taper off after that, despite my best efforts to keep things going. Justhookup.com seems to bombard new members with messages from Fantasy Cupid robots, so I was online interacting with these fake profiles a lot in my first month, and more visible to real members, who would message me as a result. I guess their scammy strategy sort of worked out in this way??

Major Shortcomings

I don’t think I even have to say it, but I will anyway. The biggest shortcoming of justhookup.com is their abundance of scam/fake profiles, their FCs. I think they got me using the site more often, and coincidentally led to more dates, but I don’t know that I wouldn’t have gotten more dates without their annoyance. Justhookup promotes new users on their site anyway, so the FC just distracted from the real women I could have been hooking up with.

Redeeming Factors

I did actually get messaged by real women, AND had a handful of hookups (though not nearly as many as I wanted or expected), so this is in JustHookUp’s favor. They also had some decent eye candy, and the site wasn’t too badly designed. Not effective enough, but not a total screwup, I’d say.

Final Verdict?

Meh. If not for all the fake profiles, this could be a decent hook up site, but there are A LOT of fake profiles and it is as annoying as it sounds. Given that, justhookup.com is not a site we recommend. **Check Out Our Favorite Hook Up Sites And Don’t Get Scammed!**