Letsbang.com Is A Total Scam: Sex Dating Manual Review

Letsbang.com Is A Total Scam: Sex Dating Manual Review


Letsbang.com Is More Porn Than Dating Site: Sex Dating Manual Review

I set out to have an incredible three months on letsbang.com, and was sorely disappointed. This site felt more like an advertising/recruiting hub for prostitutes and cam girls. I kept waiting for the dating part to start, but kept getting solicited for outside paid “services” and scams.

First Impressions & Sign Up

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When I first checked out letsbang.com, I was admittedly pretty excited to get laid. There’s no playing coy or pandering for a sale on this site. Just sign up with the expectation that you’re going to bang… I like this approach for sure. The simpler and sexier, the better. Little did I know this was an indicating something else about the site: that it’s basically a hookup spot for sex workers and porn salesmen. Yes, letsbang seems to be all about sex, but don’t expect to get it directly through the site. Sign up was amusing. It was quick and simple and full of nudity, which I figured to be a good sign. Of course, as soon as I got into the site, I was flooded with messages from sexy women. Sounds good–right? Not as good as you might think. Most of the women were clearly ESL or robots because nothing really sounded right–so none of them were cute local girls. Pretty much as soon as I messaged back, they launched into their automated sales hook, either to purchase sex with them, or to sign up for their (paid) webcam channel. Then I got other messages that were just links to porn sites with “special offers”–“just enter your credit card information”… This was all within the first hour of joining too.

3-Month Review Essentials

I kept up my letsbang profile for three months, but I wasn’t really active on it. I couldn’t be without getting constantly bombarded with spam! I tried messaging people and just ignore the spam, but started to feel like everyone I messaged wanted to sell me on their own porn channel, etc. I kept my profile up mostly to see when the spam would stop, but it never did. Not only this, but letsbang.com obviously sold my email contact to outside sites because I started getting all sorts of scam-sounding emails from random addresses as soon as I signed up. Very annoying. I don’t even want to list my stats on this site, because it was quite ridiculous. Needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of luck. The only dates I managed to get turned out to be with prostitutes (and no, I don’t pay for sex). I got at LEAST 200 messages from scammers and hookers. Letsbang.com just totally failed me. I guess I will know better for next time to not get my hopes up when it looks too sexy to be true.

Major Shortcomings

SCAM! Letsbang is a complete scam. I’m not sure any dates actually happen on this so-called dating site. It’s pretty much a wasteland of desperate, horny guys, hoping against all odds that these sexy women are actually real–but they’re not.

Redeeming Factors

The only redeeming factor for letsbang.com is the eye candy. The women are smoking hot, though fake. You can get a good eyeful before you lose all hope. Of course, you can get the same for free just downloading porn…

Final Verdict?

Letsbang.com isn’t even slightly worth it. This site is a total and complete scam. Not only will you waste your time and money signing up, but you’ll have to deal with endless spam emails from all over the seedy internet when letsbang.com sells your contact information. Thankfully, I used a disposable email address to sign up, so I could just disable my account after three months. If you’re foolish enough to not heed my caution and sign up for this site, at least don’t use your personal email account. Letsbang is the worst kind of dating site. They get your hopes up with friendly hotties and sexy landscape only to have you come crashing down when you realize you were completely had. Just say no to this one. **For Legit Sex Dating Sites, Check Out Our Top Reviews!**