How Local Is Your Local Sex Dating Approach?


Step 2: Define Your Boundaries: How Local Is Your Local Sex Dating?

The second step in becoming a sex dating pro is assessing how far you’re willing to travel for sex, and whether local sex dating is a priority for you. Once you define your sex dating boundaries, you know better where to look to find dates, and what steps are necessary to prepare for the encounter. There are advantages to long distance sex dating and local sex dating approaches, but it’s a easier to have successful encounters when you know what you’re looking for. Read on to discover which approach is likely best for you.

Local Sex Dating

What is “local sex dating”? The answer is likely pretty obvious–dating for sex with only those in your nearby area. What’s not so obvious is what counts as “your area” and that is for you to determine. Here are some things to consider when determining your definition of local: 1. How far you need to travel to meet your date, including: a. how much time the traveling takes out of your day, b. how much money you’ll need to spend on traveling, c. whether there are times of the day when traffic makes the travel even harder. 2. How important it is to be meeting up at familiar venues, even when you are meeting your date in their area. (You may feel more comfortable meeting only in familiar spots when your date is with a complete stranger–you know the area, and the exits.) 3. The possibility of having friends/acquaintances in common: is this a positive or negative thing for you? The more local you keep your local sex dating adventures, the more likely it is that your date will have some mutual connections. 4. Choice of potential meeting places: local sex dating often means more options for meeting up, vs long distance sex dating in which your meeting places are more often “your place or mine” just because of traveling complications. How you answer these questions should help you narrow down whether local sex dating or long distance sex dating appeals to you more. But what are the specific advantages and disadvantages of a local sex dating approach? Read on to find out!


When you’re dating only local hotties for sex, your dating life can get pretty fantastically effortless. Often people looking for quick and casual, find all their date hookups online on sex dating sites, and the best sites are fully equipped to meet your local sex dating needs. This includes sorting potential matches by their proximity to you (after first determining your likely attraction to them), and the best sites include GPS locator to find the closest match to you of members currently online and looking. This creates a remarkably easy method of finding sex hookups. Basically, you can just log on to the website of your choosing whenever you feel like a hookup, find the nearest available hottie, shoot a message, and hook up within the hour. This is an advantage that you simply don’t have when you look for sex dates out of your area. Additionally, when you refine your options to only local sex dating, you are assured that you’re not going to be taking too much time out of your busy schedule to meet up, or spending tons of money on gas or transit. Likewise, organizing the meetup takes much less time because you both know the general area and can easily come up with meeting spots. Then when you’ve gone back to your place (or theirs), you can feel free to have tons of sex without worrying about saving time for your date to safely get back home.


The biggest disadvantage of local sex dating, if you see it that way, is the fewer than five degrees of separation factor. The closer to home you “date,” the more likely it is that you and your date will have mutual connections. Maybe your best friend knows their best friend, etc. This can lead to potential for gossip, and your chances at hooking up with others in their circle becomes limited. For some people though, this can be an advantage–a sort of vetting process. It depends on your take.

Long Distance Sex Dating

Long distance sex dating means dating strictly outside of your local area. As with local sex dating, this is made much easier/possible when you use a sex dating site. It’s nearly impossible to date casually outside of your area if you don’t use a dating site… We recommend, if long distance is your preference, that you sign up online first.


Long distance sex dating really only has two advantages: your anonymity is more assured, and you can disconnect more easily. It’s not likely the two of you will have any friends/acquaintances in common, so there’s no one to “out” you and your promiscuity. And, if things accidentally start getting complicated, you won’t be bumping into them at the supermarket.


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There are several disadvantages to long distance sex dating including inconvenience, travel time and expenditures, fewer real options, and complications. Weigh the advantages against these disadvantages carefully if you’d prefer to opt for long distance over local.

Local Sex Dating Or Long Distance: Which Is Right For You?

The winner seems pretty clear in terms of pros and cons; however, only you know which approach is really right for you. If you plan on having fewer casual sex encounters, then maybe local sex dating isn’t your ticket. If, however, you’d prefer easy, frequent, casual sex hookups at your convenience, local sex dating is your perfect option. Once you’ve determined the right approach for you, you’re on track for the next step in our Sex Dating How-To, Step 3: Join The World Of Online Sex Dating. **Check Out The Local Sex Dating Options On Our Favorite Sites**