Try NoStringsAttached For Exactly That: SDM Review

Try NoStringsAttached For Exactly That: SDM Review

nostringsattached-review Gets You Exactly What You Want: Sex Dating Manual Review

I’ve been using for a while, and always have great results, so I decided it was time to officially review it and let you know what a great dating site it is! If you’re looking for a legit dating site that is easy to use, actually connects you to real, local singles, and helps you get laid, nostringsattached is the site for you.

First Impressions & Sign Up

NoStringsAttached has been around for long while. It’s one of the first of its kind and it still knows exactly how to deliver the service its members seek. I signed up for years ago, so I had to create a new account to reacquaint myself with the process. It was as simple and quick as I remembered. They don’t ask you for tons of information, or your credit card information (no scam here). I just signed up in seconds and had instant access to the site. If you’ve never used this site before, you’ll probably be impressed by how legit and

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seamless the user experience is. It’s clean, organized, professional, etc. No scam warnings at all.

3-Month Review Essentials

As I stated, I’ve been using nostringsattached for years, and it’s one of my go-to sites when I’m looking to hook up. For the purposes of this review, I invested more time and effort into hooking up on the site and marked my results after three months of this consistent use. I actually surprised myself with how much success I had. – I sent 280 messages and received responses to most of them. I even had several uninitiated encounters. – I went on 60 dates, with really sexy women. – Every woman I asked back to my place at the end of the evening said yes, AND I got a few that invited me to theirs. Without getting too personal, I’d say these were successful dates. Probably if you want to have more dates and hookups, you could likely do so with this site. I was comfortable with my level of activity, though I know I probably could have had even more fun… Maybe next time! Generally, the atmosphere is pretty sexually charged. It takes a bit of engagement to actually get to the sexy eye candy, but it’s intense once you’re there. There are a lot of women using to cheat on their boyfriends and husbands, so they don’t put it all out there as much as on some sex dating sites. With this site, the women would rather send out sexy photos to specific people, rather than plaster them all over their profiles (they’re going for discretion). BUT! They’re so eager for your compliments that they basically send over naked pictures of themselves before you’ve even finished asking for them. It’s fun when they make it so easy. nostringsattached-com-review

Favorite Features

Nostringsattached set the template for casual sex dating sites, so they have their model down solid. They don’t need to be innovative, because they were here first. That said, the site doesn’t offer anything above and beyond, but they get their basics perfected so you’re really not missing anything. One thing I really do love about this site though is its emphasis on hooking up cheaters for discreet hookups. I’m single, so I can’t really speak to how discreet it actually is for cheaters, but I really enjoy how many emotionally unavailable, horny women I can meet on The site is well-known in the sex dating online community, so if a woman is looking for a quick and easy route to naughty affairs, it’s likely she’ll come to nostringsattached to find it. This is where I reap the benefits. When you’re not on the “committed” end of the affair, cheating sex is the hottest sex there is. You get this incredibly sex-starved, desperate, and horny babe looking for a no strings attached hookup, and the less chitchat and follow-up, the better. You don’t have to feel guilty about using her for sex because she’s doing exactly that to you! And you don’t need to worry about caring for her emotions after-the-fact, because she wants you out of her life as soon as possible, lest she get caught. Cheating and no strings attached sex are a match made in heaven.

Quick Tips For Success

I found that it’s pretty easy to find success on Unless you’re a totally classless, sexless schmo, you’ll do alright. Having said that, I did notice some differences in results when I was actively using the site, versus my long-time, regular use. If you just post your profile, leave it, and message a few people on occasion, you’ll get dates, but obviously not tons. Most of the success tips are common sense things, like signing in regularly and messaging lots of people that interest you. The more interesting thing about this site though is that the timing of your messaging has a big affect on whether you’ll get a response and whether you’ll get a date request. *Cheating wives and girlfriends are most active on the site during the early afternoon, so you’re more likely to find your favorites online between 1-4pm.* It’s an interesting phenomenon and I won’t overanalyze it. I just know this was a consistent theme for me, and if I caught a woman while she was online and sent her a message, she was more likely to suggest we meet up. If I messaged her while she was offline, she generally didn’t get back to me until those peak hours anyway, and it took longer to arrange a hookup. I think it’s something about the availability and immediacy of the hookup potential… She signs on when she can and when she’s horniest. If she sees you and you make it easy for her to say “oh God, YES,” then all bodes well. If you’re not specifically into cheaters, and just want no strings attached casual sex fun, then just make sure you’re signing in often and focusing your messaging on those matches that are currently online. Keep your message short and sweet (well, sexy), and your chances of success look pretty good.

Major Shortcomings

I’m not sure this site has any major shortcomings. I’d say because it’s an older site that doesn’t focus too much on advertisement, that it doesn’t attract as many young hotties as the other newer, more popular sites. It’s a bit of an older crowd (but not too old–we’re talking late 20s and 30s), so if young is your thing, you might be disappointed.

Final Verdict?

I really love using to hook up. There’s a reason I’ve been a member for years; it’s simple and effective and you can use it at your own leisure. If you want to experience the truly intoxicating effect of hookups with cheating women without the potential for emotional drama, then this is a great place to start.