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Step 5: Know Which Sex Dating Sites To Avoid

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The internet has revolutionized our dating world (among so many other aspects of our lives), so that it’s never been easier or more fun to find sex hookups. Still, along with the fantastic potential for sexual opportunities comes a few annoying setbacks: see, there can’t be good sex dating sites without bad ones. Figuring out how to identify the sex dating sites you should avoid is the next step in our Sex Dating Guide, and it’s pretty important. When you join the online sex dating world, you’ll find that there are more sites than you could ever imagine–one for every fetish, and then some. It’s easy to get won over by the novelty of some, without considering if it’s even possible to build a dating site around this basis (i.e. interracial dating sites… aren’t those just dating sites?). Although with some sites you’ll realize immediately that there’s not much to it, there are some sites that can cause you some grief, and it’s best to know what those are before you go down the garden path. We’ve put together some quick tips for you to know which sites are likely not worth your time. Read on to make sure you’re not trying to hook up on any of these kinds of sites without your success in mind. avoid-dating-sites

What Sex Dating Sites To Avoid

First up, there’s no need to get anxious about joining the “wrong” site. If you haven’t paid for a service before you realize you don’t want to remain a member of a site, it’s easy enough to leave it. You simply disable your account and move on. If they email you repeatedly, blacklist the address. If you’ve already signed up for a paid membership, it’s the same steps as above, plus let your credit card company know you’ve canceled the service. No big deal. Before you get to this point though, find out which sites to avoid, then check out our list of favorites!

Sex Dating Sites That Don’t Promise Sex

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for sex, join a sex dating site. Don’t go looking to pick up on sites that promise romance and relationships. Why? Because people on these sites aren’t generally looking for casual sex and you likely won’t have much success. It seems obvious and yet so many people will claim they had no luck dating online when they exclusively used general dating sites to find one night stands. That’s like going to MacDonald’s expecting a prime rib steak. Ain’t going to happen. Most sex sites will be either completely blatant about their services or coyly suggestive. If you don’t see busts and butts anywhere on the site, you’re wasting your time.

Sex Dating Sites With Small Memberships

One point to keep in mind before we launch into this one: if it’s a new sex dating site and it’s still building its membership, it’s likely worth it to you to stick around as it grows. If, however, the site doesn’t look or seem new and your “online now” feed sounds like crickets, this is a site you want to avoid. How do you know before you sign up? Usually sites will have their member numbers on the homepage, which eliminates the guesswork. If you can’t find that information and you’re interested, see if you can get a free trial sign up to check out the local pool before you make a commitment. Why do you want to avoid sites with small memberships? Because it means much less choice for you and will make it harder for you to have the kind of promiscuity you may seek. Also, a small membership base suggests there’s nothing compelling about the site to get people to join or stay. It’s a quick and easy way to identify which sex dating sites are or aren’t worth your time.

Specific Fetish Niche Sites

While you may be feeling really excited about the possibility that you’ve really found a sex dating site devoted entirely to your weird and kinky fetish, don’t get your hopes too high. While the internet does offer some really excellent fetish dating options, generally these sex dating sites don’t specialize in one specific kink; the chances of success for all involved when you narrow your audience that much become very slim. Instead, you can join a community of differently kinky sexy singles and have fun finding the ones that get excited for the same things you do. Just because the internet can connect you to amazing people all over the world doesn’t mean there’s suddenly going to be a billion people with your same fetish. That would be too good to be true, and so are these sites. Avoid these sites and join a more inclusive sex dating site if you really want to have success.

Best Chance At Success On Sex Dating Sites

It’s actually remarkably easy to get laid online if you’re using the right site. It’s not terribly likely that you’ll join a bad site, and the truth is that most sites designed to help you hook up with like-minded singles will still work for you. There is, of course, a difference between “good” and “good enough.” The tips we’ve shared with you will help you to find at least the good enough sites, but in order to find the best sites, the really good ones, we recommend you read our guide of the best sex dating sites online. But before you start signing up, make sure you finish all our steps for the perfect approach to sex dating! Next up is Step 6: Find The Best Sex Date App & Why You Need It. **Don’t Get Scammed: Check Out The Best Sex Dating Sites To Join**