What’s The Sexual Position That Fits Your Personality?

Find The Sexual Position That Fits Your Personality Best

Sure, maybe you’ve tried a few sex positions and gotten a bit wild–maybe you’ve done it all! But have you ever thought about what sex position really fits your personality and style? Find out which sex position you are and start having the sex life you’ve been missing!

Sex Positions By Personality

Are you shy, extroverted, experimental, traditional, spiritual, religious, hippie, kinky? Combo of many? Are you looking to change up your sexual routine and spice things up? Find out which sex position fits your personality best and try it out tonight!

Shy Girl/Guy Looking To Blossom

The shy ones looking to experiment really have the whole world to explore, but here are our suggestions to really fit your personality: Shy girl? Break out the reverse cowgirl (she straddles him facing his feet as he lies on his back). In this position, girl, you have all the control, but you don’t have to worry about awkward eye contact. Shy guy? Try doggy style lying down (she lies on her belly while you enter her from behind, leaning against her). This is perfect for you because you can control the action and just watch her squirm with pleasure.

Grounded Free Spirit (Flower Power)

If you’re a hippie kind of spirit, all about the natural and spiritual, then you can make any experience transcendent. For you, it’s more about the moment than the mechanics. Try sex in a field! Your best sex position for your personality is likely spooning (lay on your sides, back to belly, man entering from behind). It’s like being wrapped in a hug while satisfying your carnal desires—

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sexy and intimate, just like you.

Glamor Gal/Macho Man

You’re into the look of things and you want to feel sexy as much as you want pleasure. Try doggy style standing up (both standing, woman bends over at the waist while man thrusts into her from behind, holding her waist/hips). This position will have you both feeling sexy and wild. The guy gets a great view of the gal, while feeling powerful, and she can feel sexy in heels and stockings.

Traditionalist/Religious Conservative

For the traditional, modest or religious, good ole’ missionary is your perfect position. It’s tried and true, and inoffensive. There’s no reason this position can’t give you great pleasure either. You like it because it feels just right, and you have no conflict about being “naughty.” There’s a reason it’s the most well-known sex position. missionary-sex-position

Wild Child

When you’re uninhibited in your approach to life, there really are no limits for you. You can do what you want, and frequently do. Incorporate sex toys into all your usual romps to make sure you’re really being excited. The perfect sex position for your personality is the 69 position (mutual oral sex, either laying on your sides or top/bottom). This position is all about pleasure, and there’s so many variations to incorporate. Go wild!

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