Our Top 5 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions For Better Sex

Top 5 Sexy New Year’s Resolutions (For All Year ‘Round)

You may or may not be into New Year’s resolutions. Admittedly, the trend of resolving to change all personal vices on one random day seems a bit self-indulgent. We all vow to work out more regularly and eat better, and the booming business at gyms around January attests to this widespread guilt, but… these resolutions have very little staying power. The next month, we’re all back to eating fast food on the couch in front of the TV. Still, it can be fun to fantasize about positive changes to your life. Maybe trying a different tack would yield better results. What if this year you resolved to have better sex? Well, even if you don’t meet all the points on the checklist, you’re likely to meet a few, and have a lot more fun trying! Keep reading to check out our top 5 sexiest new year’s resolutions and see how many you can accomplish! These tips will have you feeling more sexual, more eager, and more satisfied. See for yourself!

1. Try a new position every week.

This can be modified based on your sexual activity and whether you have a partner or you are single. If sex isn’t available to you as often as once a week, check out some of our top sex dating sites to increase your game, and mix things up. Changing things up a bit can be refreshing and make you feel incredibly sexy.

2. Take boudoir photos.

Whether you purchase a boudoir photo set with a professional photographer, or get a bit experimental at home with a tripod and timer, having sexy pictures of yourself can make you

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feel attractive and sexy, and improve your confidence in the bedroom. Gift the photos to your sex partner, or keep them for yourself as a dirty secret. Just be careful about who gets to see them.


3. Have someone to eat fruit off your body.

It may seem simple and very “spring break at Cancun,” but having a sexy stranger consume wet, juicy fruit off your body can be a really invigorating experience. You can try it with your partner if you’re attached, but you’ll feel even hotter if you try this harmless flirt with a stranger. Indulge in the sensations on your skin and start imagining those sensations on other parts of your body…

4. Write erotic fiction.

No doubt you’ve written at least a “sext.” Think about how titillated you got imagining your fantasies and writing them down. Now imagine taking that to the next level. Imagine your hottest fantasy and jot it down as a short story. You’ll be panting as you write it, ready to enact every word.

5. Role play your first crush.

Here’s a chance to explore your first sexual feelings as a mature, sexual adult. Reliving this fantasy is sure to make you explode with desire. Try this out with a trusted sex partner and watch sparks fly.

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