Tinder Is Not For The Average: Sex Dating Manual Review

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Tinder Is Good Enough, But Kind Of Clique-y: Sex Dating Manual Review

Tinder is, without a doubt, one of the most popular dating applications of the

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day. Everyone and their neighbor is on Tinder. So what is it all about? Tinder is the most minimal approach to online dating: rate and message from your phone… and that’s about it. Is it effective? For sure! Is it sexy? It can be. Do we love it? Not quite.

First Impressions & Sign Up

Tinder is like the Instagram of the dating world: it’s largely image-based, and entirely mobile. You download tinder on your phone and have at it. It’s free and easy to download, unless you download Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus charges more based on your age, so it’s definitely less accessible to people who would likely need it more. Like instagram, tinder has a youthful and clique-y feel. Basically it’s for the young and beautiful. I’m not the most handsome guy on the planet, and I certainly win more women over with my charm than my smile, so I was a bit apprehensive about this application. Unfortunately, that fear was not entirely unfounded.

3-Month Review Essentials

I did stay with tinder for the full three months, but I didn’t continue past that, despite the fact that I’d opted for the free version. It just didn’t have a good feel for me. I DID hook up with women through the site, so that is a huge improvement on some of our other duds. My numbers weren’t terrible either, but the process wasn’t something that I particularly enjoyed. I’ve heard from a few guys I know who use it regularly that Tinder has always felt like an exclusive club to them. It’s got that typical dating site atmosphere: the average guys struggle to get attention, while all the pretty girls just soak in the compliments and never actually act on anything. Generally unless you’re using a sex dating site where it’s clear that everyone who’s signed up actually wants to hook up, you’re going to get your fair share of narcissistic teases. And why not? If I were a hot girl with feelings of insecurity, I’d probably waste guys’ time on dating sites just for the flattery, too. – In three months, I had 36 dates, with a good number ending up at my place for some fun. – I sent about 200 messages and got 130 back. Messaging wasn’t the main interaction though, as you can imagine. – I lost count of my “swipes” (ratings), but I got at least 50 right swipes (up-votes), which is way fewer than I wanted, but not awful. It felt both exciting and disappointing at the same time. I think I was overly enthusiastic when anyone actually showed interest in me just because it felt so rare and unexpected. I probably settled on dates I wouldn’t have otherwise pursued because of this. Oh well, I guess. A date is a date.

Major Shortcomings

I think the fact that Tinder is extremely basic is both a good and a bad thing. It makes the user experience pretty solid, but doesn’t do many men using the app and favors. Essentially, it makes the dating site both more and LESS effective. More people sign up and use it, but they’re not necessarily getting dates.

Redeeming Factors

Tinder is used pretty widely, so you’ll definitely have a lot of members to browse through, and it’s pretty fun to browse and rate. It’s easy and doesn’t require any kind of commitment, which is nice, but also means you have to work a lot harder if you’re a guy looking for dates and even harder if you want casual sex.

Final Verdict?

If you’re really attractive, Tinder will work just fine for you. It’s pretty much designed with your success in mind, though the crowd is still WAY less horny/friendly/whatever than on our favorite sex dating sites. We don’t suggest tinder for average or slightly above average people. It’s not likely going to get you laid much and you can do better. **When “Good Enough” Isn’t Enough, We’ve Got You Covered: Check Out The BEST Sites!**