The World’s Top 10 Places To Travel For Sex: SDM Guide

Top 10 Places To Travel For The Hottest Sex In The World

Looking to explore the sexiest places in the world? We’ve put together our top 10 list of the sexiest places to hook up around the world. If you want to plan an extravagant trip around the world, try out this list and see how many spots you can check off. Or more moderately, pick a few off our list and see what kind of adventures you can get up to. If you’re single, there’s more fun to be had in completing this list. Our recommendation is that you make visit each spot with a new partner, preferably locals to the region. It will make you feel even more worldly! You can meet people from each one of these spots through our fave sex dating sites.

10. Hotel Pelirocco, UK

Hotel Pelirocco is located in Brighton and it makes our list of top 10 hookup spots because of its chic aesthetic and ensuite burlesque entertainment! Order a peep show for your stay and give them a performance of your own!

9. Erawan Falls, Thailand

Located in Erawan National Park, the Erawan Falls is a remarkably beautiful location. Amidst lush greenery and in its remote location, it creates the perfect environment for a steamy erotic encounter.

8. The Strada Napoleonica, Italy

The Strada Napoleonica in Trieste is a long and winding mountainside road with an incredible view. Find a private place off the path in the brush for your romantic tryst while tourists travel past unaware. It’s sure to make the exhibitionist in you quiver.

7. Slowinski Sand Dunes, Poland

Hooking up in the Sand Dunes of Slowinski National Park would be a one of a kind experience. The gentle white waves of sand create a breathtaking scene that’s sure to impress and undress.

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6. High Park, Canada

Located in Toronto, High Park is a perfect picture of a romance in the spring time when the park becomes completely covered in white and pink cherry blossom petals.

5. Beaches of Crete, Greece

Is there any place more picturesque than glowing, golden Greece? Imagine frolicking on the sunlit Beaches of Crete with a golden Greece body

4. Golden Pavilion, Japan

In Kyoto, this perfect replica of the original Golden Pavilion creates a perfectly serene place to have the most spiritual sex of your life. Find a quiet spot away from tourists for your bliss.

3. Tavoro Waterfalls, Fiji

Tavoro Waterfalls in Taveuni Island are the ultimate hookup spot for the exotic-seeking traveler.

2. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The geothermal spa in Grindavik boasts warm waters rich in minerals to cure skin ailments and make you feel silky smooth. Imagine succumbing to your carnal desires in a warm bath with a gorgeous mountain view all around. blue-lagoon-sex

1. Disneyland, USA

It’s cheesy, American, and classic. Disneyland in Anaheim is the perfect place to get naughty and still feel that youthful thrill everyone gets for Disneyland.

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