How To Pick Up On Valentine’s Day: Sex Dating Manual

Learn How To Pick Up On Valentine’s Day Without Getting Clingers: Tips From The Sex Dating Manual

Valentine’s Day is one of the most loathed days of the year for some people. If you’re not in a relationship, it can seem like Hallmark’s completely cruel joke at your expense (and sometimes even when you’re in a relationship). Why all this V Day hate? For many, Valentine’s Day serves as an unwelcome reminder of our loneliness… but it doesn’t have to! V Day actually happens to be one of the best days of the year to feel totally and completely NOT lonely. How? You have the best sex of your life, that’s how.

Sex & Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, sex and Valentine’s Day may seem like a paradox, but it’s really not. This is the one day of the year when basically everyone on the planet is open and hoping to be seduced, or at least fluttering with the hope of romantic potential. If you intend to seduce someone on this day, you have half your work cut out for you. If you want to hook up on V Day, you’re definitely not the only one. The trick is to find the right hookup buddy…

How To Identify The Best Potential Valentine’s Day Date

You don’t want to be one of those creepers that preys on vulnerable and desperate lonelies on the most romantic day of the year. The point is to find willing sex partners that are totally into random V Day hookups, and are in fact hoping for it. You don’t need to change up your usual pickup spot; if you’re used to picking up in bars or online, stick to this. In the case of online dating, it should be easier to identify the right matches. – First off, you only want to be picking up those who are already online and looking. – If they’ve recently changed their profile picture, that’s a good sign they’re actively looking. – If they message you first with something flirty, consider this the final green light.

Picking Up Your Valentine’s Day Date

If they’re on the same page as you, it shouldn’t take more than a few suggestive exchanges before you’ve got your date set. To seal the deal and really make them hot for you, have some fun with traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re meeting a woman, make sure you come with a red rose and a naughty Valentine’s Day card (expect that she will be wearing something lacy and racy under her clothes). If you’re picking up a guy

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, a naughty card is also appropriate, and make sure you flash him a hint of your sexy undergarments. It won’t take much to make this night unbelievable. Your date will feel so attractive that they managed to get a hookup date for V Day, that their seduction will be driven by relief and adrenaline. This night is more about each of you individually, than together. Lay back and enjoy your mutual and harmless opportunism.

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