SDM’s 8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Sex Date

8 Things You Should Never Say To Your Sex Date

You’re looking for fun and casual without getting in too deep, but sometimes things get emotionally complicated. If all you want is a sex date and leave it at that, you want to make sure you are sending clear signals. This starts with saying the right things and avoiding saying the wrong things. What should you never say to your sex date?

1. “What are you looking for in a partner?”

This may seem harmless, but it’s best to avoid this question. If all you’re looking for is a casual sex hookup, then what does it matter what your date is looking for in a partner? You don’t want to create the impression you’re interested in something more.

2. “Do you want kids?”

Again, this question may seem harmless, but creates the impression of emotional investment. Questions like these will only serve to create potential for emotional bonding and visions of shared future. You don’t want to be envisioning anything with this person beyond the date.

3. “You’re really special.”

Tell them they’re special, and they’ll hold tight to you. Everyone wants to feel special, and this is often a rare occurrence. Feeling special to you will create intimacy and emotional bonding. Either that, or it will have them running in the opposite direction. “Special” doesn’t belong in casual sex arrangements.

4. “I’ll call you.”

This three words can be more dangerous than you might imagine. In pop culture, this phrase is the promise that turns self-respecting, confident people into desperate, clingy obsessives. Don’t promise a follow-up encounter if you can’t keep that promise, and you likely won’t. It will have your date thinking that there’s more to this arrangement than just sex.

5. “I’d like you to meet…”

Don’t incorporate your sex date into your everyday life. They don’t need to know the characters in your life, so keep these spheres separate. If you run into someone you know on your date, keep the hello brief and keep moving. Don’t give introductions if you can help it.

6. “Let’s do this again.”

This one is along the same lines as #4, but crueller. You don’t want to promise a repeat if you don’t want one–and even if you do, don’t plan it in advance. Worse still, inviting the possibility of a follow-up date suggests a developing relationship, which is exactly what you don’t want.

7. “You’re the best I’ve ever had!”

This is the same as telling your date that they’re special, but telling them they’re the MOST

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special is the worst thing you can do (besides #8). Even if it was the best sex you’ve had, don’t tell your date. It will give them power over you and your arrangement and make you both want more. awkward-date-conversation

8. “I love you!”

Obviously, don’t say this. Don’t say any variation of it. Don’t even say it during the sex. Just don’t.

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