How Your Outfit Can Help You Get Laid: The SDM Guide

What To Wear For A First Date When Sex Is The Endgame

There’s tons of advice out there for anyone going on a first date–first date ideas, how to get a first date, what to say on a first date, what to wear, etc. What about a first sex date? You don’t always get the best advice when you’re casual sex dating, so Sex Dating Manual is here to help. When you are no longer interested in traditional dating and want to give sex dating a try, there are some strategies that will help you make it the best experience possible. Let’s start with what to wear!

What To Wear To Your Sex Date: Suggestive, Not Trashy

When your endgame is sex, it can be difficult to navigate the proper balance of sexy and not too forward. If you and your date have already communicated your mutual desire for sex, it makes things a bit easier, but if you’re hoping to get laid based on your charm alone, you want to make sure you’re dressed for the part. You want to make sure that your outfit is sexy, but not like you’re giving it away. Accentuate your best assets with tight clothing (but not too tight) or slightly sheer. Show a bit of skin to get them thinking about what you look like naked, but not so much as leaves nothing to the imagination.

What To Wear To Your Sex Date: Simple & Effective

It’s best not to pile on the accessories or makeup for your date if you want it to lead to a hookup. You may feel you look best with these adornments, but it can be alienating for your date. The better you look that’s closest to “natural,” the more likely your date will have sex on the mind if things are going well.

What To Wear To Your Sex Date: Easy Access

It may sound cheesy, but an “easy access” outfit can create opportunities for sex where there were none. Say the date is going well and you steal a kiss on your walk to the car. Well that kiss can lead to sex in the car, should your outfit allow for easy and quick access to the goods. You don’t need to make it obvious to your date, but be conscious of how quickly you can get out of your outfit when you’re dressing for your date. For the ladies, this means dresses/skirts without pantyhose, and button-fly pants for the guys. easy-access-clothing If you want sex on the first date, the easiest and most effective strategy is really to meet sex dates online. This way, you can be sure you’re meeting with people who have the same naughty intentions, without being ashamed to speak about it. Also, if you’re flirting and video chatting before you meet up, you can often skip the “date” and the strategic outfit planning, and go straight to the “back to your place” bit, where clothes are optional. *wink*

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