How To Tell If You Need To Switch Your Dating Site

How To Tell If It’s Time To Switch Dating Sites

You’re an online dating veteran, or maybe you’ve just started venturing into this new and exciting world. If you’re getting the right dates and as many as you want, then your dating site is working perfectly for you. If, however, you aren’t getting the dating/sex life you want, despite dating online, it may be time to switch dating sites. Many people starting out dating online will make the mistake of writing off all sites because one didn’t work for them. This is not the best solution. Ideally, you can find the right dating site for YOU. We believe you can! First, let’s make sure you’re not already on the right site: here are some of the top signs pointing to “time for a change.” dating-online-not-working

No One Is Online

When you sign in, does it feel like you’ve entered a barren wasteland? Can you almost see the tumbleweeds rolling across the screen? If there are no matches currently online when you’ve signed on, no matter what time it is, this doesn’t bode well. You should always have an abundance of fresh faces immediately available to you when you’re dating online. The lack of this means not many people are using the site, which likely means it isn’t effective.

Those Who Are Online Don’t Talk To You

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To further elaborate on the last point, if you see that there are people currently online, but you can’t get any of them to communicate with you, this is also a bad sign. If you’re being friendly and unoffending, you should at least be able to get someone online to connect with you. If you can’t, it’s a sign that people aren’t actually using the site actively, and/or there are fake profiles.

You Aren’t Receiving Responses To Your Messages

If, despite your best efforts and following all the top dating advice, you get no responses to your messages to multiple matches, this is another sign that the site isn’t actively used. That, or the members of the site aren’t friendly enough, and you won’t have much success in an environment like that.

You Haven’t Had A Date In Weeks

It all really comes down to whether or not you’re getting dates. If the answer is no, then it’s time to move on to a new site. If you suspect it may be an issue of a poor approach or boring dating profile, read up on how to improve these aspects of your dating persona before you blame the site.

What To Do Next?

If it’s time to move on to a new dating site, make sure you start off on the right foot and make the best profile you can and follow our Sex Dating Manual for the best sex dating tips.

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