SDM’s Top 5 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex More

5 Reasons Why Women Should Initiate Sex (When The Desire Strikes)

It seems like a pretty obvious statement to make: of course women should initiate sex when they want it. Still, so many straight women are still relying on traditional gender roles and won’t make the first move despite how badly they want it. If you’re feeling in the mood and you’re with someone you share an attraction to, whether partner or date, why not make a move and see if he’s up for it? We’ve got 5 good reasons that you should!

1. You May Get Sex When You Want It

The most important reason to initiate sex when you want it is that sex is good and you should feel no shame in wanting it. You don’t need to wait for the other person to decide it’s time for sex, because then your sexual satisfaction is built around his schedule. If you want sex and your partner doesn’t, some self-loving is an easy alternative. If you’re single and horny, just hop online and message some eager guys and you’re sure to get some takers and be having the sex you want, when you want.

2. Good For Your Self-Esteem

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What could be better for your self-esteem than knowing all you have to do is whisper your request breathily in his ear and see him jump to attention? Everyone wants to feel wanted and sexually desired. Create the opportunity for sexual validation when you’re the initiator, AND get some hot sex out of it. If he’s not up for it, don’t feel rejected. Chances are that when he is in the mood, he’ll find you even hotter because of your earlier boldness.

3. Good For Your Relationship

If you’re in a relationship and rarely make the first move, it’s likely your partner wants you to take the initiative. It can be tiring and boring to always be the one to initiate sex. Give your partner a break and let him know you’re attracted to him and your relationship will grow stronger. If you’re just starting off with someone new, putting the moves on them first will set you off on a good footing.

4. Liberation From Binding Expectations

No one needs to be constrained by arbitrary social expectations. Why should you wait for him to ask you for sex just because you’re a woman? You shouldn’t! Feel of rejection and inexperience are one thing, but failing to initiate sex when you want it simply because it’s not expected of you will only limit you and your choices. Make a change! women-initiates-sex

5. Develops Assertiveness And Confidence

Being able to identify what you want and go for it will help you immensely in developing your confidence and assertiveness, and what better way to start than with something fun like sex?! If you’re single and want sex, the internet and online dating sites give you a perfect opportunity to practice your assertiveness by finding yourself a sex date. If you’re already with someone, take a chance and start going for what you want and they’re likely to appreciate your efforts.

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